Revitol Products Testimonials


"I've had an acne scar that's been on my skin since when I was fourteen.  I started using this cream and after 2 months of using it everyday the scar disappeared and at the same time tone of my skin evened out.  I had to use the cream for almost two months to get there but I started to see some noticable effects as early as the fourth week.  Thanks Revitol!"  -Jill from

"I've had small scars on my face since I was a teenager due to acne.  After I started using Revitol scar cream, the small scars totally disappeared while the bigger ones became less visible.  I'm going to keep using the cream for the next month to see what happens."  -Nio from Yahoo Answers

2. Revitol Stretch Mark Cream
"I have two kids. one was born recently and the other six years ago. with my first pregnancy I got a lot of stretch marks so needless to say I was worried about the next time around so I purchased revitol stretch mark cream. I used it day and night everyday for my entire pregnancy. Not one new stretch mark! No new ones AND the old ones are hardly even noticeable, my husband was shocked!I recommend this product to every for every stretch mark new or old!" -    Vflower from

3. Revitol Hair Removal Cream
"I bought this product as a joint present for my wife and I to remove hair from her nether region. The hope was that it would be effective and not burn her sensitive skin in that area (products like Nair appear to really burn those sensitive regions). As advertised it did not burn AT ALL and it was effective at removing the hair. It does smell and it does take 15 to 20 minutes but it works exactly as advertised..... painless and effective." - ATM88

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